Enoch & Plonk

I have to tell you that the moment I thought of starting up Enoch and Plonk again I had a cheek crippling smile beaming across my visage which made me look utterly mental. Inspiration has come from either the half bottle of Pinot Noir I’ve just knocked back or maybe its simply been one of those moments where some higher power has imparted their wisdom on your precious, all be it much older noggin, and decided to take it for a spin. Whatever it is, it’s time to scrape off the “merde’ and venture out into the unknown. I have no idea how this is going to pan out but it’s time, and I’m fired up. Yes I think you can safely say it’s most definitely the wine.

So below you’ll see a few semi carefully selected photos. Obviously one of me looking a bit of a hottie for once. Another of my, not so mini, fully grown spawn. one is of who a dating app thinks I should be getting hot and heavy with and the last one a completely unrealistic cartoon version of me that wouldn’t look out of place arm wrestling Barbie for Ken’s underpants.